Concrete Stamping for Pool Decking in San Antonio

Concrete Stamping for Pool Decking in SAN ANTONIO _ Guest Post

Thoughts when considering stamped concrete in San Antonio metro area.

San Antonio is a metropolis border town to many military veterans and proud hard working Texans.   San Antonio is also a great tourist destination, similar to Naperville, Illinois, San Antonio’s downtown features a Riverwalk where you can stroll through downtown and visit many bars and restaurants.   Through the Riverwalk path, you will enjoy the many different visual patterns and textures of the stamped concrete with blends with the atmosphere of experience.

Stamped concrete has become a very popular choice her in Texas for both residential and commercial applications from driveways, patios, walkways and pool decks.  Concrete stamping has versatility in different types of patters, solid colors, staining and even personalized marbling staining.   Textures vary depending on the location and application of the project.  In indoor garage may require a smooth surface where as you want a rough finish or a sandy texture finish for a residential or commercial pool deck.  If you have specific detailed questions, a good source is contacting a pool deck repair San Antonio contractor in local forums.

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If you just purchased a home in the San Antonio area and want to expand you outdoor living space or give your pool deck a fresh clean look we recommend stamped concrete.  With stamped concrete, you can design the desired look and feel on a customized level.   Concrete stamping and look like wood, gravel, stone, marble, pavers, flagstone and much more.  Costs will reflect the level of complexity and detail along with the build square footage.  Here in San Antonio residents prefer the south-west rustic look and feel along with detailed bordering for accents. A mix of colors and patterns is common for great detail.

Pool Deck Stamped Concrete Costs in San Antonio

The investment in your home or your commercial property is a long lasting one.   Most concrete stamping projects begin at $6.00 per square foot and scale depending on the size and detail of the hand crafted art.   Your look will be much greater than and asphalt or gravel.  Investing in stamped concrete is less expensive than flag stone or natural stone pavers saving you money to put toward your vacation.

A pool deck can also be refreshed with a new concrete stamped overlay with all the same textures, patterns, colors, and designs.  For those pool decks that are cracked, worn, faded, become slippery , have San Antonio hail damage and corroded by salt water , a fresh new concrete pour over and existing pool deck, with a new fresh pattern,  is a popular choice in demand.

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