Hillary Clinton?

As I previously mentioned in another blog, My rant and rave more or less, just rant it has been about Donald Trump. It’s only because he’s outclassed even Hillary Clinton in his level of stupidity. One of the things I’m really enjoying this election year is sitting back and watching the whole thing burned.

As a military veteran serving abroad during wartime, Hillary Clinton came to the United States Embassy in Baghdad Iraq while I was stationed there. I hope these words never come back to haunt me however my Marine Corps friends statHillary-Clinton-ed that we should do the American taxpayers a favor and not protect her. Knowing by saying that protect her it really meant one thing for her. Thinking that she could have one in 2008 was a really scary thing for most of us. It’s even more terrifying now to think in 2016 we’re going to have a woman president that has a set of nuts that I’ve never seen before but now they’re there. The ladies a little bit crazy I gotta be honest. But I think most of the world is fearful of her. The one thing I don’t see her as a soul. She acts like someone that is a narcissistic fool. I look forward to seeing how the selection turns out and sitting back in my arms here and watching the whole drama played out his quite alarming. I would very much like to see another candidate that I wouldn’t have to be so fed up with any want to stick my finger down my throat and puke. I don’t think that’s going to happen! Currently on the horizon no one of any character or concern is out there doing anything. It is a strange world that we’re living in now a days.

At this point I don’t think anybody can say who’s going to win this election or who even has a real shot at it. I’m hoping there’s this dark horse candidate that comes out of nowhere and inspires us all. Looking at most elections in my lifetime as I have mentioned before holding your nose through an election is nothing new. This will be a very interesting election to see how it turns out. The truth is my gut says that Hillary Clinton probably has the best chance of winning. This is going to be a totally weird world we’re living in. A black man gets president before a woman I don’t know what that says about women but I don’t know. I guess you can figure it out we’d rather the other black guy that have a woman in the office I guess.


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